What is it? Answers XLIV

Sunday, January 02, 2005

230. An instrument for taking water samples from varying depths in a body of water.

A line from an anchor passes up through the curly "quick-thread" fitting and up through the lever mechenisim. A test tube is placed in the tube (that looks like a gun barrel) facing down. The unit is lowered to the desired depth, air in the test tube keeping water out. A small weight is then sent down the line hitting the lever, unlocking the tube holder. It flips down allowing the test tube to fill with the sample water. It's then pulled up with the sample intact (hopefully).

You can see the framework has been machined from a solid brass plate end to end.

More photos and dimensions

231. Dial from a test instrument used by telephone installer/repairmen.

232. Ulexite, also called a TV stone.

233. Threading die holder.

234. "Tap-Icer", used to crush ice cubes.

235. Tube holder part of the flaring tool.